A Letter To All Overachievers

Dear Overachiever,

I know you have big dreams of your own and if you don’t, you probably have big dreams imposed on you by someone who “knows better”.

I see you working on your dreams as hard as you can, with zeal and a sense of purpose.

You deserve some sort of national honour for the way you cope with your supervisor from hell, all in a bid to gain experience.

You even stopped “hanging out” and settled for networking events even though they could be boring.

I see how you grind at odd hours. Sleeping at 2 a.m. only to wake up at 4 a.m. to continue your side hustle.

Sometimes I want to yell at you. I want to yell at you until you realise that you don’t have to put yourself under this intense pressure, but I can’t yell at you because I understand.

I understand your passion. Your endless desire for something more, even when you cannot define something.

The fierce belief you have that you can do better and be better.

That never-ending quest to explore all your potentials and maximise available opportunities.

I understand that most times, you cannot control your drive. It just drives. No brakes, a never empty fuel tank and an infinity expressway.

I won’t yell because I understand.

Instead, I’ll speak to you with a voice as soft as the ocean breeze on a lazy day. A voice kissed by the first hint of sunlight. I won’t yell at you because I understand that you are only expressing who you are. I won’t yell, but I will tell you to:

Travel for fun;travel

Call your friends a lot more;

Laugh out loud till tears fall from your eyes;

Spend time with family;

Eat that meal you can’t pronounce;

Meet new people just out of curiosity;

Take a walk;

Pray for an extra hour;

Sleep for an extra hour;

Read a romance novel;

Attend a one-year old’s birthday party;

Bake a cake;

Take a selfie;

take a selfie
Take a selfie

Work for a charity;

Go dancing; and

Live and live and live.

Remain true to your passion dear friend, but don’t forget to live.

Yours sincerely,


May’s Notes

While it’s important for me to motivate you to achieve your goals (see a previous post on setting half year goals), it is also important for you to live a balanced and happy life.

What advice do you have for overachievers and what fun thing do you recommend they do from time to time in order to get proper perspective?

Share this with all overachievers you know and suggest an activity to them, so they can catch a break!

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