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It’s August guys. August! Amazing how the year is progressing. Seven months down and five to go, but don’t worry, there is still a lot of time to make 2016 pop (see our tips on maximising the year using half-year goals).

Before the business of the day, I’d love to share some quick facts I found about “August”.  So I read that the month of August was named after the first Roman Emperor, Emperor Augustus because several of his major victories were recorded in the month of August. When I read this, my first question automatically was “So what was August called before August was called August?”

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Apparently, August was called Sextilis (also spelt Sextillus) because it was the sixth month of the original ten-month Roman calendar. Another unique thing about August is that it’s not just the name of a month. The word “August” itself has meaning and usage in English. August means respected, dignified or grand. So it’s good English to say “She made an August appearance at the event” or “I received an August visitor yesterday.” There are a few other months that can be used in English like this, most notable of these are “March” and “May“. May I mention May? Oh, I already did. So if you are born in August , you are a special somebody.

Apart from giving you the little history lesson above, (you are welcome) I’m using this opportunity to announce that we will be receiving an August visitor this month. A respected, dignified and correct somebody will be helping us resolve very important life issues on Maytermorphorsis. We are always thinking of new ways to really help you metamorphose (we prefer Maytermorphorse) into the amazingness that you are, and we hope you will enjoy this new part of the journey. This project has been running in the background for a while, and we look forward to sharing with you soon.

I also have a challenge for you this August, and it’s pretty easy. Why don’t you become an August visitor to someone or more than one person? You know those people you told “Congratulations on the new house, I’m coming to see you soon”, but that was one year ago? Or the couple that had a baby and you planned to visit, but you recently discovered that the baby is already two years old? What about your parents? When was the last time you visited your family? You don’t have to be born in August to be grand, dignified or special to somebody. Write it down on your calendar, make a mental note, pick up your phone and call them right now. I have two people I must visit in August, and I hope the shame of not visiting for so long won’t stop me from using my one-month-in-a-year-opportunity to be an August visitor in August (corny right?).

Have an amazing month guys. Let August be epic and grand and all that good stuff.

Do you have a few people you need to visit in August? Drop a comment or an email with the date you want to visit, and we will be your reminder and accountability partner!

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