Life Hack For The Time Olympics


Twenty-four hours a day, there is constant competition for our time. It reminds me of how I feel when I’m trying to watch the Olympics on television. There are so many exciting sports to watch at the same time, but I have only two eyes and one television set. Even if I keep flipping through channels, there is a limit to how many of the 28 approved sports I can watch simultaneously.

If my 9 to 5 was an Olympic sport, I’m sure it will be a track and field event. It might even be the 100 metres dash that shamelessly demands the attention of all cameras in the stadium, sort of like a jealous boyfriend placing demands on all my spare time. I live in Lagos (Lasgidi for effect), so I have to liken getting stuck in traffic to watching Olympic golf on my T.V. The same way I can’t predict when a game of golf will end is the same way I can’t predict how long I’ll be stuck in traffic.

Now that the bird has flown away from the nest, I can liken visiting family to watching Olympic soccer. The duration of each trip home is relatively certain. My mother is the referee, and there are few things that bring more joy than dribbling my siblings. When any of my siblings makes a joke that low-key hits home, that sibling has virtually scored a goal.

I have discovered rather unfortunately, that not all Olympic sports get equal attention from viewers, and in this vein, not all important things in our lives get adequate attention. Do you remember the first day of January this year? If you are like most people, you had a list of goals for the year. Maybe you planned to learn a new language, start a blog, take a professional course, work out or spend more time with family. How are your plans coming along? I suspect you have been too busy to achieve some. These important plans have become the kayaking, shooting and archery of your time Olympics (these are perfectly wonderful sports in their own light, but we know they don’t get as much live T.V coverage as some others, and you will most likely tune in only if you specifically have interest in that sport). However, there are too many other things going on in your life that you can’t focus on some goals on that list.

If you fall into this category, don’t be afraid, May has got you. I want to share a life hack that a friend shared with me a while ago. It’s simple and achievable and it’s the “Power of an Hour”. Do you know that if you engage in a particular activity for one hour every day, you would have successfully done the activity for fifteen days that year. You heard me right, FIFTEEN days! That’s half a month of consistently doing that activity without sleeping, without eating, without doing anything else. If you learn a language for an hour a day, by the end of 365 days, you would have been learning that language for half a month non-stop! I don’t know about you, but I think this is pretty amazing.

I have implemented this life hack and even though I must confess that I don’t get my hour every day, I do a relatively decent job of getting up an hour earlier than I normally would, just to write or work out (the workout part has not been working out well over the past month, I need a workout buddy ASAP, lol).

The competition for our time is very real, but it’s up to us to make conscious effort to use our time not only for the things that are compulsory but for the things we believe are important.

So I’m throwing out a challenge. For the next one week, spend one hour doing something that is important to you but unfortunately has been neglected. If you need to be held accountable, just drop me a message, and you’ll see how much I’ll be on your case!

Tick tock goes the clock,

What you have to do, do quick.

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