Up NEPA or The Journey to Life Changing Moments

My name is Mariam Olafuyi, and I am famous for finding the biggest life lessons in the most insignificant events. Sometime last week, NEPA* taught me a life lesson on life changing moments and I just had to share.

I travelled to Abuja for a conference last week. It was hectic, fun, busy and diet ruining. After a long journey, delayed flights and bland in-flight refreshment, I arrived home, happy that NEPA was gracious enough to welcome me with electricity. The security light visible from outside my house is my reliable indicator of power supply or the lack of it.


I drove into my compound, carried my suitcase, opened my front door and boom! NEPA “took the light”. I was so tired from the long trip and I jokingly thought that my presence had jinxed the power supply. It was pretty late and I could not be bothered to give instructions for the generator to be put on. I resigned to fate, locked my doors and slept off.

The next day, after a hard day at work, I drove up to my gate and observed that the trusted security light was off, which meant there was no electricity. It was barely seven P.M. so I knew I could not avoid switching on the generator, as I still had a lot of things to do. In between when I pressed my horn and when the security guard opened the gate, the security light came on, which meant “Up NEPA”, as NEPA had decided to “bring the light”.

As I sat in my car, I started to laugh. I laughed because just the day before, I thought I jinxed the power supply and the very next day, my presence “brought the light” (he he!). I became the light of my house (light of the world actually, but let’s limit it for the sake of this post).

It was such a coincidence for power supply to be taken and restored upon my arrival at home two days in a row, but after a few days, the incident remained with me and developed into this post. The message is simple. Nothing is permanent. You might be in a terrible position today, maybe you are beat down, discouraged and have recorded phenomenal multiple failures. It might even seem like you jinx good opportunities. Maybe you flunk exams and job interviews or you are unconsciously running your business to the ground. You see, none of that matters because horrible circumstances can change tomorrow. In fact horrible circumstances can change in an instant, if you keep moving.

Have you ever had life changing moments that changed your life for the better? Trust me, it is a very amazing feeling and a magical moment. It feels like out of all the people on earth, heaven is focused on only you and has conspired with the earth to change your circumstances for the better. I have had two life changing moments. The first was when I discovered I hadn’t flunked law school after all, and failure to make a first class didn’t stop me from winning four nationwide awards (I probably have to write about that experience in more detail, but see my tips on succeeding at the Nigerian Law School here).


My second life changing moment occurred when I got an email from the Cambridge trust, informing me that I had won a full Commonwealth Shared Scholarship for a masters program at Cambridge. Before I received both life changing news, I was in a dark place caused by constant worry about my future prospects, but just one moment changed everything.


Every time I write, I discover myself a bit more. I really love to encourage people. You have no idea how much I believe in the human. I am firmly convinced that we all have so much awesomeness buried in us, but we need to keep fighting against the soil, like a plant trying to bring forth its very first shoot. The message of encouragement is plain and clear -tomorrow may be a better day. The better day may actually not be tomorrow, it may be the day after tomorrow, or even the year after tomorrow, but always remember that every moment yet to be experienced is a potential life changing moment. Don’t give up before you get your moment.

Do you have life changing moments that may inspire? Have you learnt life lessons from seemingly small things? Please share with the Maytermorphorsis community by dropping a comment or sending an email if you would like your experience to be published as a separate post. Don’t forget to share this post too!

P.S. I promised myself that this would be a very short post. Maybe if I learn the art of writing shorter posts, you may read from me more often. The worst word for me in school was “summarise”. What do you mean summarise? I’ll write a one page summary of a one and a half page document! I was the annoying student who would collect extra sheets in an examination when other students had not used half of their booklets!

*NEPA- National Electric Power Authority (actually now the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), but old habits die hard, and many Nigerians still refer to the PHCN as NEPA). As you might have guessed, Nigeria still experiences power outages and PHCN (previously NEPA) is responsible (sort of) for providing power in Nigeria.

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