Welcome to “In Your Mind” By Dr. Lash (Tiwatayo Lasebikan)

Hello! I am Tiwatayo Lasebikan and you are welcome to ‘In Your Mind,’ a special column on Maytermorphorsis.

I would have loved to introduce myself as the number one psychologist in Nigeria and third in the world, with attendance at over eight hundred and ninety-four psychology conferences in every continent except Antarctica. I really want to say that after my doctorate at Oxford University, I got an appointment to lecture at Harvard University, and I recently helped Hillary Clinton clinch the Democratic ticket. I am sorry I won’t be able to introduce myself as all that just yet, but I will in due course (well, something close to it, considering that Hillary already got the Democratic ticket without me- her loss!). You see, Maytermorphorsis was created because too often, we celebrate the finished product, but don’t take our time to celebrate the process that creates the finished product. I am maytermorphorsing into all these and more, but in the meantime at Maytermorphorsis, we will continue to celebrate the process of growth- my growth as well as yours.

Dr Lash Tiwatayo Lasebikan

Let me tell you a little bit about myself before I ask you to unburden your emotional issues on me. I am a qualified medical doctor with a passion for psychology. Even before proceeding to medical school, I already got serious training in psychiatry and psychology. After my training and experience in medical school, I worked at a psychiatric hospital and also helped to manage people with psychological problems. I have passed the Primary Fellowship stage for the West African College of Physicians (Psychiatry Division) and I look forward to becoming a psychiatrist. I also have a Diploma in Psychology and this is just the beginning. In school, I had the opportunity to mentor and coach people and also offer counselling services as a leader in a campus fellowship.

You might not know it, but a huge part of psychology is making people happy. So what I’m trying to say is that I’m becoming certified to make people happy! I absolutely love making people happy, and since I discovered that the organ of happiness is the mind, I have worked tirelessly to provide support to people so they can live mentally and emotionally fulfilled lives. The life you want to live starts from your mind. A happy mind produces a happy life and a sad mind produces a sad life. You can actually call me the ‘mind doctor’ because I aim to fix the mind, and I have dedicated my time, energy and cerebrum to this cause.

Okay, a few more things about myself before I tell you what we will be doing in this column. I am a son of Yahweh. I like to talk. I like to play. I try to crack jokes and whenever I am lucky enough to make people laugh, I am happy. I like to enjoy the present but try to live for the future. I act drama and comedy whenever I have the opportunity, so don’t be surprised at the articles you read from me because I keep it 100% real!

In Your Mind” is a platform for me to help you live a better life in your mind. It is where I will give mental health tips and offer evidence-based ways of dealing with emotional and mental health issues. I will also give tips on managing love and growing relationships. I will delve into some aspects of business and work psychology, as well as career counselling. Apart from writing articles, I will be here to listen to your worries and give you advice on what to do. In the spirit of Maytermorphorsis, you should:

  • Expect to be motivated;
  • Expect to laugh;
  • Expect to think and learn; and
  • Expect to change for the better.

You can contact Dr Lash by email at talktodrlash@gmail.com or via twitter @LashSupport. Don’t forget to like Maytermorphorsis on Facebook, follow @Maytermor4sis on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to the blog.

Thank you and see you soon.

About The Author

“Tiwatayo Lasebikan (code name “Dr Lash”) is a medical doctor with training and experience in psychiatry, psychology and counselling. His goal is to help people lead emotionally and mentally healthier lives.

“In Your Mind” is where Dr Lash uses his experience to help people dealing with mental health and other emotional issues. Dr Lash has recognised that there’s a dearth of information on the importance of mental health and he shall use this medium to educate us about mental health issues and how our attitudes, behaviours and thinking affect our emotional well-being.

Dr Lash offers a range of online mental health and counselling services which include relationship counselling, self-esteem and confidence building, stress management, career and work-related counselling, critical events management amongst others. Dr Lash can be reached by email at talktodrlash@gmail.com or via twitter @LashSupport.”

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