It’s Time For Confession

It’s time for confession.

I have many fears;

I want to grow up in slow motion;

If you see my soul, I fear you’ll think I’m queer.


I’m not sure I’ll completely know me;

I question even the portion I claim to know.

I wonder about a future I cannot see;

About that invisible line I will eventually toe.


I wonder if, in the face of antagonism, I’ll retain my pride.

If I’ll be good enough to say a kind word to an enemy in pain.

If at the end of it all, I’ll look back and say “I tried”.

If I lived for much more than earthly gain.


*Remember that you can only defeat the fears you face.*

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2 Replies to “It’s Time For Confession”

  1. Fear of the unknown, fear of judgement, the fear of even fear itself. All makes us human.

    We live, we fear, we overcome, we learn, we grow, we reveal better versions of ourselves. 🙂

    Well written piece.

    1. Nedoux, fear of even fear itself is just the worst! Thank you very much for your comment. We live each day to continue striving.

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