Why You Should Not Care About the New Year

Is it just me, or did 2016 go by in a flash? How did 2016 treat you? Good, I hope. However, before fireworks fill the sky, wishes are blown across oceans and the merriment begins, I thought to be your conscience and number one encourager one more time (whoop whoop) by asking you a few questions and giving you a little “ginger” before the year runs out.

Towards the end of the year, many people tend to take stock of the past year and create plans for the new year and because I am an advocate for setting goals and having expectations (see my post Why You Need To Set Half-Year Goals Now) I must ask this question- have you taken stock of your successes and failures? If you have not, I strongly recommend that you take out an hour or two to do so.

If like me, you have evaluated the year and you are a little bit disappointed because of what you were unable to achieve, or you believe you could have done much better than you did, then this post is for you. I have one simple piece of advice for you and it’s this- YOU SHOULD NOT CARE ABOUT THE NEW YEAR.

That’s it.

Instead of getting discouraged by all the things that you were unable to achieve over the past 365 days (actually 366 days), ask yourself this question- what is the meaning of time? What is time? Why must I be discouraged because I did not achieve my goals within a set time of 366 days? Does my inability to achieve these goals invalidate them? Is it too late for me to start?

Don’t dwell on what you didn’t achieve within the year, because frankly, it doesn’t matter that you did not achieve them in 2016. Time is a human construct. The new year is a human construct. If you understand what I am saying, you will realise that there is no “crossing into the new year”. It is just another day. The sun will rise just like a normal day and it will set just like a normal day. Human beings (you and I) are the ones that have attached so much importance to the new year. So shake it off NOW. You don’t have to wait until the new year to make resolutions or make plans for yourself and you don’t have to believe that because you failed to achieve xyz goals during the year then it’s impossible for you to achieve them later on.

Yes, I know that the mental thing of entering into a new year could help you organise your life, come up with resolutions, hit the gym and so on. I encourage you to do all these but remember that every subsequent day apart from new year day is also good enough for you to start something new.

I know I entered philosophical mode, but you know that’s how I roll!

Be encouraged.

I love you.

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I pray that God keeps you and yours.

See you in 2017.


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