Exclusive Interview: Super Star Nigerian Comedian Lafup Has Got IT!

WARNING-Forgive the essay below as this interview comes with a lot of history from my perspective, but there are loads of hilarious pictures to make up for it! Lafup, please forgive me for some of these pictures! he he. Let the essay begin.

If you are following @maytermorphorsis on Instagram, you would have seen my campaign to become Lafup’s “deputy governor”(you can “shek it out” here). Lafup is having his annual comedy show on the 26th of December at Jogor Centre, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, and in true fashion of a socially aware entertainer, the publicity campaign for this year’s show centers around him contesting for an election on the 26th and YOU get to vote for him by buying a ticket and attending the show!

I expect you to know Lafup, but if you don’t, just accept that he is one of the most talented entertainers in Nigeria today. He is a comedian, MC, businessman, actor and so much more. This story is so important to me because of our upcoming #vlogpost (anticipate it) and also because I watched Lafup happen right before my eyes at the Arts theatre University of Ibadan (U.I), and at the U.I choir concerts he used to compere, and suddenly (actually not so suddenly) Lafup is hosting TV shows and has built a solid brand.

There are a few things I admire about Lafup but there are two things I want us to pick from his story today, but before we do that, let me just say that the reason I do this blog is to encourage you and encourage me too,lol, because sometimes the road to discovery could be tortuous, and its even worse when you feel you are walking alone. You are never alone dear friend, I can assure you… Anyway, before I go all preachy on you, where was I? Yes, the two things we need to learn from Lafup. We need to be daring and tenacious and both are very difficult things to do.

I knew Lafup way back in 2008 from his “Efrebor” shows in U.I, and from a distance, I could see that this was someone who knew what he was good at, and his attitude was like “this art, this comedy, this entertainment, I will do it! This hustle must work! There is no alternative and there will be no alternative! This is what I want to do and I will do it!”

I was at this show, I even remember what I wore, because it was an opportunity for a fresher to turn up! lol. 2008!

And he succeeded in bringing Ali Baba!

Lafup dared the convention and chose to forge his way. He chose what Robert Frost will call the road less traveled. He was daring and courageous, and this is something we must train ourselves to do daily, so that our fears won’t hold us down. The second thing we must learn is tenacity. Lafup may have a funny bone but trust me, he WORKS on his craft! His jokes are new every morning (lol, literally). Have you seen him act on stage? Oh my goodness! He delivers his lines with power, expertise, finesse  and dedication.

Acting way back in 2005

This is not a lazy comedian/artist at all oh and trust me, comedy is not easy business. I know how long it took me to finally record a slightly funny “moriamo omopupa” skit. Anyway, enough of my ranting. I want you to read about this amazing brand Lafup and VOTE for him by attending his comedy show on the 26th of December 2014 at Jogor centre Ibadan! By the way do you know he is going to bag a PHD soon! Isn’t that just amazing?

Links to Lafup’s Instagram , Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Name: Segun  Lafup Abiodun Ogundipe

Age: I will be 31 on the 25th of December (Capricorn power wohoo!)

It started small, with “efrebor” and now he is hosting shows on TV, this deserves the hashtag  #surulere.

Educational Background: My primary school was at Premier Day Nursery and Primary School , Papa Ajao, Lagos, my secondary school at Badagry Grammar school Lagos and I have a Bachelor or Arts and Masters of Arts from the University of Ibadan, with a PhD in view.

What do you do: I am a business man. My business area is arts and entertainment basically, but as many other sectors rely on mine, it affords me the chance to interact with as many fields as possible as a comedian, compere, event and TV producer, radio and TV host. Recently we just launched an event consulting firm that produces events branding and provides events security. i.e wristbands with bar-codes and other security features.

How did you start: Comedy? Well as they say, it all starts as a hobby.  I had always been part of cultural groups from primary school and I always hoped to lead the church choir, but never got the chance to. Anyway, one day we had a house party and we needed an MC. After personally renting a generator, I was expected to pay the MC too. I asked to see the MC and he looked so unpresentable! He wore slippers and I just said “you know what? gimme the mic!” and that was it. December 26th, 1999 was my first time as an MC ,which is why boxing day is quite special to me now.

From the 26th of December 1999 to rubbing shoulders with Ali-baba! A veteran  Nigerian comedian.

What challenges have you faced: I have faced many in fact! It’s the reason I have a thick skin. I have not told anyone this before but I had to live in a church at some point in my life to survive. I earned the money for my JAMB form from playing snooker and my little sister can attest to this. I would have to play to win so she could eat then. But I didn’t give up on my dream. My earliest business was hand-made cards and I still did that in university. Later, I played children party characters, clowning up and down, lol!

Before the fame, fortune or the dreads *wink* Lafup was a regular person, much like you and I, navigating through life. The road isn’t always smooth people!

Toughest decision you have made: I decided that I would not apply for any white-collar job from anyone. If comedy wasn’t going to work, God wouldn’t have endowed me with it. I have had times I felt like you know what, let me just get a job for now and move on, so I wrote my CV and made a call to someone and they mentioned a ridiculous amount as salary. When I heard that, I tore the CV and spoke to myself and said “AM I MAD? I GOT PAID THAT AMOUNT EVEN AS A STUDENT FOR JUST A DAY’S JOB, SO WHAT IS THE POINT? I have not looked back since then.

What has been your most rewarding moment: There have been lots of rewarding moments, but I’ll mention a few in this specific order. When my classmate and friend of 9 years said yes when I proposed to her on my show.

Even in his personal life, Lafup is tenacious oh! 9 years is no joke, but he knew where he was going and he won her heart!

Yup! Same couple

Second would be when I carried my son at the theatre for the first time. Third, when one of my fans, now friends from U.I days called to say “Lafup, please would you MC my wedding in California?” Those were the moments for me. Also, sometime this year, I got the call that I was being considered as a co-host for Season 8 of Maltina Dance All. I wished at that point that my Dad was alive, but thank God my mum is. She wasn’t so surprised because I never stopped saying and seeing what I wanted to be.

What are your future plans: One would be having an anniversary of this interview with you in a private jet that may not necessarily be mine, but my children’s. To stand clearly apart as one that has with his talents and grace not merely made people laugh but made generations happy.Any advice: If it is easy, then it’s not worth it. The real test of genius is facing obstacles and overcoming them. If you love it, start doing it now! Life is too short to safely remove hard drive!

Do you have any fears: I have, and it is called failure, but I draw positive strength from it. It gets me up like an energy drink when I begin to wane or over gratify myself. Success is not final, and failure is not fatal.

Isn’t this an amazing story? Look through these pictures and learn the meaning of tenacity. From printing black and white posters, charging N100 for tickets in 2005 to hosting a show in front of millions of fans! What an amazing journey. Even though we are in a very fast paced generation, tenacity is something that will never go out of style. Enjoy the pictures below and don’t you even dare to give up on whatever your “hustle” is!