Global Nigerians Career Brunch Workshop- July 2016

I have to tell you how it all started.

‘Kachi and I spoke for hours on what seemed like an ordinary day in February. I can’t count how many times we both exclaimed, “I know right!” as we exchanged similar stories about our experiences at the University of Cambridge and our journeys on the career path of commercial law.

I told her a story about when I went for an interview at a fancy city law firm, and instead of clinching the job, I only managed to disgrace my lineage of proud Abeokuta women (I promise to share the details of that epic interview fail soon). My performance at the interview was so bad, that I was surprised that my shadow didn’t choose to desert me out of shame! I have definitely come a long way from that awful but useful experience. I have aced interviews, rejected job offers and parleyed with CEOs without flinching (or without making it obvious that I was flinching). My traumatic interview experience made me realise that I was deficient in selling myself the way the corporate world needed me to. I knew I had the intelligence and curiosity required for the job, but I did not have the skills to pass those across. As ‘Kachi and I laughed at our experiences, we recognised that we could not sit idly by, sipping chapman and swapping stories, without giving others the benefit of learning from our experiences.

Several moons, many phone calls and brainstorming sessions later, ‘Kachi and I decided to #justdoit, and we have come up with a first in the series of what we hope will be many steps to educate young Nigerians about the realities of a global world, and how to maintain an internationally relevant career. At the inaugural Global Nigerians workshop, we shall be discussing “C.Vs, Careers and Chasing Your Dreams.”

Kachi and I were both privileged to secure fully sponsored scholarships from the Commonwealth Commission for our LL.M degrees at Cambridge, and we both obtained first class degrees from the University of Ibadan. This workshop is a way for us to give back because we recognise that we have been given so much (bragging rights, ‘Kachi also secured a first class from the Nigerian Law School, and I assure you, that thing is not easy. See my post on the Nigerian Law School here .)

This workshop is open to ladies between the ages of 16-30, and is not restricted to lawyers. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to fill a contact form here on the website or send an email to

Click here for more information on how to register for the workshop and do yourself the favour of visiting ‘Kachi’s amazing website at  for more details. Don’t forget to share!