Exclusive Interview: Website Wiz and Tech Entrepreneur Bolu Ajibawo has got IT! + We Have A Giveaway

When I first met Bolu Ajibawo, I needed a website built (this website obviously) and a good friend recommended him to me. It was a very impressive meeting. Here was a young guy who knew exactly what he was doing, was comfortable with the quality of his work and understood his client’s needs. There’s nothing I asked Bolu about that he did not have an answer to and he came to see me all the way in Banana Island, despite the pouring rain.

Maytermorphorsis is about celebrating the process of becoming, and I have no doubt that Bolu is one to watch. I’ve had several deeeeep conversations with Bolu, but I don’t think I should put the cart from the horse. I think you should get to know him and celebrate his process. You can check out Bolu’s minimalist personal website on http://boluajibawo.xyz/ and you can send him an email at hello@boluajibawo.xyz.

Also, if you are looking to build a website soon, make sure to see the details of our giveaway with Bolu at the end of this interview.

Quick Bio: Bolu Ajibawo has a degree in electrical/electronics engineering from the University of Ibadan. Bolu is a web developer and specialises in building portfolio websites for individuals, businesses and organisations.

How and why did you start web development: I dislike the idea of working for someone, I prefer the notion of working with someone. I also want to build something important and useful. Building a product/company like Google or Apple appeals very much to me. About 3 years ago, I co-founded an internet startup with a friend. called Varsityhub which was an idea based around connecting university students all over Nigeria. Before the project, I actually had zero knowledge of building websites but I dived in and learnt on the go. It was fun, exciting, and challenging. Unfortunately, the project was killed a few months after it started, but the skills I learnt have empowered me to build websites that solve people’s problems.

What challenges have you faced?: Each day is a challenge, keeping myself on track, focusing on what matters (my priorities), making the right decisions in terms of choosing what career path to follow and strategizing on how to go about it. For example, I have possible solutions to some problems Nigerians face, like finding the right house to rent could be quite difficult (I just experienced this). Solving this problem is very appealing and my intuition screams “Jump on it, Just start!”, but when I think carefully about it, I have made the tough decision not to work on it now, maybe in the near future, but not right now. I think deciding what to do, what not to do, when to do, and how to do, are quite difficult challenges.

Bolu Ajibawo4

The Toughest decision you have made: Driven by a need for closure, I prefer making quick decisions, and not sitting on a decision for very long (I would probably be a bad venture capitalist). However, looking back at all the decisions I have made; I think deciding to leave the security of home/family to live on my own and pursue an entrepreneurial career is possibly the toughest I have made. Frankly, deep down I’m terrified. It seems so easy to just hide under my parents and not take that step of being responsible for myself. I have found the life challenging yet gratifying.

What has been your most rewarding moment?: Having a friend say “Bolu, your passion and drive has influenced my life”. It was priceless. I think helping other people helps me live a better life. Pushes me to be better, makes me happy.

Do you have any fears?: Lurking at the back of my mind is this fear that I would not achieve my goals and vision. That I’d end up a wannabe, just a dreamer, a sore loser. This fear of failing myself and all the people that think I have the potential to achieve great things; a fear of disappointing them. This fear could drive me or halt me. Most times, it pushes me to do difficult tasks, sometimes it halts me.

What are your plans for the future?: People trust me to build websites for their ideas. My vision is to build a useful product for people (an intriguing idea); something that solves a unique problem and becomes a utility. Something I created or was part of the team that created it. I love having an impact on people’s lives, creating change. I also love the concept of disruptive companies like Uber and Airbnb (creating value where you never thought it existed, the sharing economy). I intend for this product to evolve into a company. I have this dream of building a company as innovative and important as Apple, Google, Facebook. I believe Africans can have such an impact on the world, we can make a dent on the universe. That’s what I see in my nearest future, the journey is long and hard, yet unpredictable and exciting.

Any advice?: My favourite quote is “Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine”. Try to create something (anything), for in creating we discover our best selves. Also, never stop learning. Keep refining your skills, learning new skills, expanding your knowledge, evaluating your life and making purposeful changes.

Finally, make happiness a priority – no one wants to be rich and miserable. Never forget to be happy and nurture your happiness.


Bolu has graciously agreed to build a website for a Maytermorphorsis reader at a 70% discount. The features of the website for this giveaway include:

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