Introducing, The Foremost Customising Platform For All Your Romantic and Owambe Shenanigans! + Discount On Your First Purchase!

So its bae’s birthday next week but you have no idea what to get her.

Maybe it is your wedding anniversary and you are unsure what to get for your boo.

Or your mother’s 50th birthday Owambe is next week and you have not thought of the souvenirs to share.

Then you really need to know about is an online platform that allows you to purchase customised items from the comfort of your home using your mobile phone or computer. It is such an amazing idea because I absolutely love customised stuff (sue me). I once had a mobile phone case that had my name on it lol and this was as far back as eight years ago.

I caught up Joseph Omale, the co-founder of and we discussed the idea behind the business and hopes for the future. There’s also a complimentary discount for the month of June at the end of the interview!

Tell us about

I am the co-founder of, Nigeria’s foremost online customization outfit. We are out to add value to everyday products. We have bridged the gap between technology, printing, gifting, retailing, branding and eCommerce industries with CustomMall.

Remember the last time you tried to get a cake for your sweetheart’s birthday? You had to go physically to say exactly what you wanted. Now, we have tried to eliminate that. When you log on to our platform, you get a lot of cake designs. You input what to write, what font, what color, etc.

Having to preview what you just designed is the best bit of technology on our platform. Our revolutionary preview technology allows you preview what you just designed and customized. Your final product will look exactly the same!

CustomMall is a platform for self-expression. It allows everyone add that personalized touch to their everyday products – clothing & accessories, chocolates, cakes, kitchenware, home décor, stationery, jewelry, travel bags, ankara accessories etc.

Also consider the thousands of events held in Nigeria on a daily basis. These people need to get help with their souvenirs. And you know how local dealers have ruined events due to errors on souvenirs. I once heard of a case when a man’s picture was printed on a souvenir for a woman’s birthday and delivered while the ceremony was going on. It was a disaster. With CustomMall, such cannot happen. Every order is treated differently, as uniquely as the person who ordered them.  All they need do is find or request a product with a design on CustomMall, add their personalized details and place their order. That is the simplicity we bring to every Nigerian occasion.

We deliver nationwide, so we are here for every Nigerian.

How did you come up with the idea of

I have had the unique opportunity of working with the most visionary partner anyone can wish for, my Co-founder, Peter Adeyemi. The idea originally started in 2015 after he bought a bracelet which he couldn’t use because there was an omission in his name. He then thought up a platform where anyone could customize by themselves and see a preview to eliminate all the worries about mistakes.

Together, we were also top merchants on Jumia and Konga. But we wanted more – a platform that could offer people personalized products, thereby adding values to their products and triggering that creative spirit we were all born with.

We became partners in 2016 and have worked assiduously to get the platform to this stage. The revolutionary preview technology I mentioned earlier took a lot of innovation and hard work to put together and here we are today!

When did launch?

CustomMall launched to the public on May 1st 2017, although we have been customizing for family and friends before that time.

We launched at a time when we could key into the Lagos @ 50 celebrations and we have had some sales on T-Shirts and mugs for the Lagos @ 50 celebrations.

What challenges have you faced?

Like every new business, we are having to weather some of the storms inherent in getting a start-up off the ground. To be honest, as awesome as what we offer is, reaching people with the message has been the most astounding challenge we have faced. We are tackling that already and in no time, we will be a household name in the country and in Africa.

Our goal is to get CustomMall to the point where people use it as a verb and not only as a noun, the same way Google is now used. We look forward to the time when people will advise themselves to “Go and CustomMall it”.

Who are your current partners?

We were recently featured in an article on EkoCity Magazine and we shared some of the plans for creative entrepreneurs in the country. We plan to make 2 million people richer in the next 2 years. These include people who can make designs for different items to be listed on our platform, top local customization outfits, cake makers, etc. We consider all these people our partners, and we will be having their products and designs enlisted on our platform in the near future.

We are currently in partnership with ChocBoy, a top chocolate making brand, based in Nigeria; and Kobo360 is our logistics partner presently.

How easy has it been launching a business in this recession?

Well, according to a Forbes Opinion editorial I once came across, a recession is the best time to launch a business. Startups like ours take advantage of a weaker economy and come out on top. We already run a very lean business model from start, so we do very well by keeping costs down while maximizing value for customers.

We know that buying power is typically low during a recession, but with the value we add to the products and at a price almost equal to what they will get the product elsewhere without the customization, we are making good headway. Also, a lot of people celebrate events every day around the country. Recession has not stopped this, therefore, the recession will not stop us from serving them with beautifully personalized souvenirs and gift items.

Also, we believe that by the time the country gets out of this downward economic spiral, there will be a lot more wealth to go around and people’s buying power will increase significantly.

How do you manage the payment aspect of the business?

This was made pretty easy by our partnership with PayStack, a payment solution startup in Nigeria. Their system makes online payment very easy and fluid for customers on our platform. The main thing with payment is trust and ease, and we are gaining these daily with our teeming customers.

Payment is made once an order is made. We do not subscribe to payment on delivery. Apart from the fact that customers will already have their customization details on their products, we also think the payment on delivery model is not a sustainable one for any business, although it has its own little merits.

What is your vision for in the next 5 years?

We are going places! Like I mentioned earlier, CustomMall will become a household name in Nigeria. Think of any event, think CustomMall. Think of any personalized offerings, think CustomMall. Think of adding value to your products, think CustomMall. Think of branding services for your company, think CustomMall.

We will also rapidly iterate and expand to other countries in Africa. We will adapt their cultures and work with the creative entrepreneurs. In 5 years, CustomMall will be Africa’s go-to product and services customization place.

We will also open up local hubs in public places like Shoprite. People can walk in, customize their wears on a big screen and have their customized wears in minutes. Pretty exciting!

We will also go into rendering personalized services. I won’t say much on this for now.

Our partnerships with local creative entrepreneurs will also grow bigger and we will be creating massive job opportunities in the months ahead.

We definitely wish the the best as they go on to conquer Africa!

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Owambe* A lavish party thrown in a way only Nigerians know how to.


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