Recipe For The Only Pie That Won’t Make You Fat

I had a tiny little piece of pie today. It was really good. I could smell the butter in the crust and it melted in my mouth like I knew it would. That tiny little piece of pie was probably about a billion calories. See you later fitfam!

But how will you feel if I told you there’s a kind of pie that is actually good for your general wellbeing. It doesn’t make you fat and in fact, it has been proven to make people see the best in you. It’s a special type of pie called humble pie (Gotcha).

Don’t act like you haven’t eaten it before. In fact, if you haven’t had a slice of humble pie at some point in your life, then it either means you have a serious pride issue or you are so perfect that you don’t make any mistakes – essentially, you have issues (side eyes). I thought about humble pie for two reasons, first, the pie that I actually had and second, a flashback to when I ate humble pie, although I must confess that eating humble pie was the wisest thing to do at that time.

Trust me to give you all the details of the dramatic experience I had with my mechanic that led to me eating humble pie. Like a typical Nigerian, whenever I have to pay for a service, I complain that the service is expensive in a bid to beat down the price. I had issues with my car and my mechanic sent one of his boys” to pick it up. You see, I quite like this mechanic because he doesn’t stress me, and he goes above and beyond to ensure that I am not stressed. He’s good peoples, and that could be rare to find in Lagos. Anyway, after the mechanic fixed my car and his boy brought the car to me, I called my mechanic to complain that his service was too expensive. He’s used to my tactics, so he explained that everything is now expensive and so on. We go back and forth and I end up paying what he asked for.

A few weeks later, I call him again to ask a few questions, and as an icebreaker, I casually mention that my bank account is still recovering from the expense of the last time (to be honest, I was just teasing him and I had forgotten that I had used this line when his boy returned my car). You would think someone cast a spell on my mechanic with the way he went ballistic on me. Like ballistic! He went on and on about how he typically goes above and beyond to make sure I’m fine (indeed he does) and how he doesn’t even charge me much, and how he fixes cars way better than mine (side eyes) and those clients don’t give him a tough time and other dramatic things a Nigerian mechanic is trained to say.

my car v car
Essentially, my car versus cars he typically fixes

Initially, I tried to reason with him. I really tried. Instead, he just went on and on about the fact that I carried a grudge since the last time he fixed my car and he would never fix my car again. I promise you, I still tried to reason with him (he went ballistic on my minutes by the way) and I tried to get him to relax. I told him I was only joking, and I appreciate his work, but he was having none of it and kept on speaking (actually, ranting to be honest, but let me cross this out). I had no other option than to cut off the phone.

It was at this point that humble pie was served, and I had to decide whether I was going to take a slice or retain my pride. To be honest, I thought my mechanic overreacted because it’s our modus operandi to start every conversation in this manner, so I was shocked when he reacted that way. I thought about this incident for a few days, and I did not call him back. I felt I had a right to express my thoughts with regards the price of his service and he didn’t have a right to react so violently. On the other hand, I could sort of put myself in his shoes, because I understand how it feels when a client is unappreciative of the extent I go to provide excellent services (see services I provide here). The humble pie was served, and I had to decide whether I would take a bite.

I thought about it a bit more and decided to eat a slice of the pie that will never make me fat. I picked up my phone, called him and apologised for doubting his honesty. He also apologised for overreacting, and can you believe that in the middle of that conversation, we both realised that his boy did not declare all the money I gave to him. We found out that his boy told my mechanic that I paid less for the service than I actually did! Now that gave me a different perspective on why he reacted that way. He was pissed off because I was complaining that he charged too much when he never even received enough for the service he provided.

Boy, was I glad I ate that humble pie!

We resolved the issue, harassed his boy together and now our relationship is back to normal. Recently, he went above and beyond for me again, because well… I don’t do so well with car issues.

So what’s the point really? EAT SOME PIE.


Is there someone you need to apologise to? Is that relationship worth saving? Have you even considered that there might be another perspective on a conflict? Humble pie is ready and served. It doesn’t matter how long ago the issue came up, humble pie is never stale, and you can grab a piece right now by taking a step to apologise or resolve the issue. Trust me, it’s not always pleasant to eat humble pie, but more often than not, it leaves a pleasant after taste in your mouth, once you summon up the courage to eat it.

Do you have any experiences to share? Tell us about when you ate humble pie and it paid off. You might just encourage someone to do the same.

 James 4:6 – “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

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