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Hi! I am Mariam Olafuyi (code name “May”), and you are welcome to Maytermorphorsis, my personal website, blog and service provision platform.

Before I explain Maytermorphorsis, (or should I say before we Maytermorphorse?) let me share details about myself. I am a commercial lawyer with a master’s degree from the University of Cambridge. I also graduated with a first class degree in law from the University of Ibadan. I am however very proud to announce that despite my academic qualifications and professorial outlook, I am far from being a geek. In fact, my brother constantly teases me about an imaginary person whose assignments I copied throughout uni, but I digress.

Maruam Graduation
The Lawyer

I am passionate about the law, but I am bursting with so much energy and capacity, that I am also passionate about so many things outside the law. For the past two years, I ran a blog called “That Twenties Blog” where I wrote stories, offered opinions on social issues and provided unlimited motivation to people trying to figure out what life is about. I am an avid reader and writer, and I’ve spoken since I learnt how to speak. I have given speeches in my dreams (sleep talking, he he!) and given speeches (in real life, lol) to professionals, young adults and people interested in social engineering. I have also been writing what I dare to call excellent essays, opinions, academic and semi-academic work for many years, and I get somewhat high on research!

I am an interesting mix of various things. On one hand, I am an extroverted go-getter who will push herself until she achieves her goal, and on the other hand, I’m completely lost for what to say during personal conversations. What I’m trying to say is that I’m human, and acutely aware of this.  Bonus point, I completely adore dogs and puppies.

Maydiva (2)
The Dog Lover

Like a phoenix, Maytermorphorsis was born from the ashes of That Twenties Blog. Maytermorphorsis is a complete remix of the word “Metamorphosis”. I took out the “Me” and added my nickname “May”, and I added a few extra “r”s, so when you pronounce the name, it has a rolling effect on your tongue May-ter-mor-phor-sis. I hope you said that out loud in what Nigerians call “Pho-né”.

I created this platform because I noticed that too often we celebrate the finished product, but we don’t take our time to celebrate the process that creates the finished product. Maytermorphorsis is a never-ending party celebrating of the process of growth. It is where I motivate, advise and speak the truth. It is where I share my thoughts and growth as a lawyer, writer, business woman and human, and it is where I also fiercely celebrate the growth process of amazing people doing amazing things. Whenever you Maytermorphorse you should:

  • Expect to be motivated and encouraged enough to take on the world;
  • Expect to laugh at my strange sense of humour. Sometimes I’m funny funny, sometimes I’m dry funny and sometimes you will  just want to spank me… ouch;
  • Expect to think a lot and learn something new. I have tried to write about many things, but I find myself writing a lot of deep, deep thinky stuff. Keep an open mind, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Maytermorphorsis also gives you the opportunity to benefit from a service I now offer to select people and companies on request. I offer various services ranging from writing personal statements, cover letters and speeches, ghost writing, book reviews, professional content development, mentoring, to speaking engagements. You can get more details about services offered here.

The Mentor and Business Woman

I am always happy to hear from you. Kindly send an email to mariam@maytermorphorsis.com, and I’ll respond in a bit. Don’t forget to like Maytermorphorsis on Facebook and Google+, follow @Maytermor4sis on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to the blog.

Thank you.

The Human
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3 Replies to “Welcome to MAYtermorphorsis”

  1. I’m glad you didn’t change,you got better ……and you’ll keep getting better.
    Good job May.
    Subscribing now.

    1. Mayowa,
      Thanks for visiting and for commenting. I hope you will become a regular here!

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