What Does It Mean To Be Enough?

What does it mean to step away from the piercing light of scrutiny you subject yourself to?

To reject the affirmation you unconsciously seek,

To take a photo to capture the moment instead of caring if it’s instaworthy.


What does it mean to meet someone and see their humanity?

To say hello just because of hello,

To make friends with those who have nothing to give you.


What does it mean to be quiet and peaceful?

To stop in the middle of the hustle and say well done,

To pat your shoulder for work done thus far,

To see your evolution and be comfortable in it.


What does it mean to take off your ready face?

Your “say cheese” smile, masking hurts and things fear keeps unsaid.


What does it mean to bare it?

Ditch eye-liner and contour and show who you really are.


What does it mean to show your humanity?

To know your humanity,

To be unafraid to be,

To show your you,

And to be enough.